Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Patrick Soon International Destination Wedding Fan Page

hi guys, i have just split the division of my own Wedding projects and commercial advertising from it merge. Therefore,i split it up by using Wedding Signature artwork project under my own name.
here the link and i will post it more frequent onwards. Please click 'Like' by supporting me and also can enjoy my wedding artwork. here you go the link:


Best regards,

Patrick Soon
Director of Studio Moonspell

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Precinct 10 - Foods & Beverages Mall in Penang, Malaysia (coming soon)

Precinct 10 is just right next to island plaza mall. Estimation to be completed : 2011.The hoarding is around 370 feets long. Precinct 10 is a foods and beverages concept mall. It located in Tanjung Tokong, Penang, Malaysia. BSG (Boon Siew Property is proudly presents their first ever food and beverage mall development.
Branding & Conceptualised by Studio Moonspell Team
All Designed by Studio Moonspell.

For more info of leasing (Precinct 10)

Main office
25-B Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang
Tel : 04-263 7888 Fax : 04-261 6985

BSG Sales & Concept Gallery (Butterworth, PG)
39 Jalan Chainferry
Taman Chai Leng
13600 Perai, Penang
Tel : 04-398 3315 Fax : 04-399 3315

BSG Sales & Concept Gallery (Permai 32, Tanjung Bungah, PG)
31 Lebuh Lembah Permai 1
11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang
Tel : 04-891 2828 Fax : 04-891 8008

BSG Rental Division
25-B Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang
Tel : 04-261 7999 Fax : 04-261 6999

Advertising Company

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Travel to Langkawi by Langkawi Coral Package

Ferry depart from Penang at 7.45am and reach Langkawi at 11.3oa.m. Once i reach there, the tour guide picked up to the nearest restaurant at yacht club just the side of ferry. It is called Charlie's Place. It is nice place to having your lunch or yum cha. So,i have ordered a tomato soup while company with my fresh mango juice. How nice it was, to enjoy the view of yacht around there. The place you should try it on, most of tourist would like to do something different rather than taking Starbuck, KFC or kenny rogers.

Here some shot of orange juice, mango juice and apple juice. We prefer juice rather than those soft drink as, fresh stuff always the best to try on their beverage menu. If you love this, you can try on red wine as well if you love those kind of mood. While u eating your spagetti bolognese or chicken dish.
Royal Langkawi yacht club counter

Fish and Chip RM28: Its a common english set of menu. It serves with fish tempura, coleshaw, and french fries. The taste is ok, the sauce is different than other restaurant. as it is not using those ladychoice tartar sauce or kraft brand. Good to try it out. The tartar sauce is mixing with olive slices while seasoning on something sour i believe.

Beef Burger RM25 - The tower burger has many layers - fried egg, thick&juicy beef patty, together as well with coleshaw and french fries. It totally like those home made burger that who loves that way.

Spaghetti Bolognese - Extra virgin oil while fresh tomato squeeze it freshly from their kitchen. It is one of my favourite. i love this a lot, not too sweet or too sour, and easy to eat as well. This is my best recommendation.

Here the view of Charlie's Place. A beautiful scenery while having your lunch or cup of coffee.

A visit at the under the sky cable. Unfortunately, our day is not that lucky day as the sky cable was not working for 3 hours due to some technical problem. Hence, we move to other place instead.

Underwater world langkawi : Entrance for purchase your ticket to get into this.

Along the main entrance, here the gecko within the aquarium. it is very hard to see them as they copied the color within the roots or rocks.

A funny talkative parrot. He said : Happy New year in english. We were shocked. But he is so clever for sure.

Elegant Flamingos, is taking their bath and enjoying the food i believe. A soya bean,perhaps?:P I also wasnt that sure what are they having:{

A very old roots,i take this photo because i love the texture of it. I must have a something history to talk about these.

Aquarium. It seems more of people who loves to stand there while looking at penguins and family. Basically they are playing, swimming, play hide and seek and more.

End of the underwater world, at the exit door, you can find a sorvenir area and the wax hand sorvenir maker. You can try on it, as it is kinda popular thing for this area. The price i totally have no idea, perhaps rm25-40 perhaps.

We depart to Langkawi Geopark. The speed boat is very fast. Grab your seatbelt and your life jacket as well. If you have seen tokyo drift (fast and furious), you needa take extra careful on this as many drift within the speed boat:)

This is the best moment i have wait to get this shot. This is my best shot for a landscape to signify Langkawi Geopark. If you like or no, please drop a comment if you can. I would love to hear some of critic and comments from you guys.

I love texture,after pass the bat cave, there a muddy place which has this thing stick on that. so i take this chance to take this photo as a reference. The texture looks like on this photo. It is just part of my opinion as not everyone can feel the same thing like me actually.

A very old bridge and please do not touch that as bat does shit on it. If you care on your hygenie, please do not touch it as it is very dirty. I like this because of the feel. i love this, macam those haunted bridge or something.

After the bat cave,we move towards deeper to eagle feeding. Before that, we passed through a very very friendly yacht. They throw around 9 cans of beer. Wow, so lucky of cause as we get free flow from them. They throw down to us one by one. How nice it was.

This guy is He sits on the edge,while looking at some mat salleh chic with bikinis. As you can see beside him, have so many free flow beers.

Fish feeding, you should give a try on that. they can spit on you or jump so high just to get the food from you. Beware!!!he spit u 1!hahaha jangan main-main!

Mei Li gets free trial with a piece from bread on her finger. She scare and shout!what a day for her la!

Professional fish feeder!

Dataran Lang
Here the place when you about to enter the gate of Dataran Lang. It is the big sculpture of legendary of eagle represents Langkawi. This place locates at just nearby the langkawi ferry port. You wont able to miss it as it definately visible throughout your journey. As you can i love to take photo and could spend more time on enjoying the photo by getting a better angle for this.

This photo i have taken on the side wing of Dataran Lang's Eagle Sculpture. Luckily it hits on almost sunset hour. If you are a photographer, you would love to go there to shoot nature or landscape photo. Penang kia loves to take landscape photo too,why dont you?Come and join us next time for more expedition and take any ferry from Penang. The package that we taken was from Langkawi Coral Agency.

Here: Steven Goh, Pei Sun, Mei Li and more who are joining me this time. If you are not looking for over RM300 package, and just a day trip early morning and back to Penang at 7pm. Although it is a quite tight scedule for 1 day to visit the Langkawi, but it is something that you can be enjoy as well.

The front of the legendary eagle statue, how it stands bravely. I love the place actually, i guess you will love it too.

Another different angle of this Dataran Lang. As you know i do take alot of different angle, this photo is my favourite angle of the rest. This can be represent the whole Langkawi idea of sightseeing. (wink wink)

Here some of package information that i took:

Langkawi Nature Tour Package Price:
Adult: RM 350.00 (12yrs above)
Child: RM 250.00 (3yrs – 12yrs)
Infant: RM 50.00 (below 3yrs/ no food)
Agency: Langkawi Coral Travel Agency

Monday, December 13, 2010

CSL Droidpad New Launching Event, Gurney Plaza, Penang


CSL droidpad just new launched at Gurney Plaza, Penang. It is my pleasure to be invited. I can see since the Ipad trend turns many great product almost the similiar to it. It is easy to use and portable than anyone netbook or laptop. It is light of cause, and no need to flip here and there.

Many peoples are surronding the booth. Especially there are around 20 bloggers invited and a very cute android mascott was there as well. CSL has proudly launched their own very first product of droidpad.

This guy is explaining how does their own product of Spice Mi700 droidpad and Mi300 photo.
It basically like a good example of like IPAD style that we can find in the market right now.

Spice Mi700 droidpad u can see on this pad,shape also sexy as any pad. it is running android 2.2 platform as if it is compare the speed not great as the the ipad version. But the price of cause it is cheaper than other that we can find in the market. the screen is using matt not crystal clear surface.

Here the time for lucky draw for the bloggers, a chance to win for droidpad. Here the MC and the model of the days. Bloggers are about to have Q&A for win the goodie bags:)

Here the Spice Mi700 droidpad . Who is the winner? You can go to
to look over who is the winner. Definately not me...lolx

A lady who catch the criz lai by using her iphone. Mmmm kinda candid shot from of criz lai acting weird right there:) he is . For more info you can find out through google of CSL brand of Spice Droidpad Mi700.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Basic Photography Workshop - Academy Division by Studio Moonspell

All the photo has taken by my student. Basic Portrait skill for advertising subject
on 31 July 2010

All the photo has taken by my student. Basic Portrait skill for advertising subject
on 31 July 2010

All the photo has taken by my student. Basic Portrait skill for advertising subject
on 31 July 2010

Theory Lecturer: Patrick Soon
Practical Lecturer: Patrick & Allen
Assist: David Khoo & Calvin
Model: Hui Ming

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Penang Food - Viva Dim Sum by Studio Moonspell

Here the cover that i have done to make it an introduction before i kick out my review on these. The viva is located at Tanjung Tokong, if you know before that food court was called Seahorse,infront of Naza Hotel. The Dim Sum section it started at 6am-2pm. What i like, get early to get my fresh out dim sum. Before this review, the last i had dim sum was in ,Fu San, Ipoh. i reach there at 4.45am frm my journey, Penang to my destination. It was superb. Long queue and totally fresh,man! But im not gonna talk about that Ipoh one:)

Scallop and Fish Roe Dumpling of my favourite for this special on weekend only. You should ask the staff for this. I should say a fresh scallop on top on it, fish roe as a granished plus spring onion. It is something that not many food court dim sum could do this. So far,i have seen it was from high class hotel restaurant do surf this. But you can have it now in those place for everyone. It is not expensive really,about the price you should go and have a little check out on weekend:) Yummy
**** (4 stars/5stars)

Dragon Whiskers Roll
This is something that special to penangites, or viva dim sum is only do on weekend special dish. The weekday wont be served. To me, this looks like the dragon's lair roll, it is really crispy when you bites it. It is totally crispy and sweet dish for those loves kaya&custard paste. What i had on this is i fell quite oily. If you love it, you wont complain on the oil ,which it stick on your finger totally. For me,i quite scare of too oily stuff as i quite healthy conscious&almost everyday go gym to work out when i have free time. Hence, oil=my worst enemy!lolx I give...
*** (3 stars/5stars) lar

Steamed Bun with Premium Lotus Paste and Egg Yolk
Sweet Sweet and Salty Salty- You can find both taste in one bun. It brings you 'Kiam Kiam cham Tee Tee' on your tongue. Although it is not my cup of tea, but it is someone that like to mix it together. I believe old generation, would love both tastes at same time. The sweetness takes control the salty terrority,therefore sweet lover would love that,i guess. It is because i dont like it as kinda sweet to my taste actually.
** (2stars/5stars)

Traditional Steamed Glutinous Rice
The traditional dish comes in dim sum category, here it comes with different styles from VIVA dim sum. This is one of favourite sticky rice fans. Come closer and listen to me,how the taste it is:) When i eat this glutinous rice(loh mai kai), I tried to find mushroom,and a bit disappointed to me as i like mushroom on it. It doesnt matter, but i taste the sticky rice,and i quite like it. The taste wasnt that bad overall. The chicken was good too,as it is fresh. Also it a bit salty to me :( Sorry, maybe i do not like salty too on my glutinous rice. I prefer mild one. You guys should try it, but do not look for mushroom, it does not include.

Steamed Bun with Butter Cream & Egg Yolk
Some shots that i have taken inside the chef's kitchen. Well organise and cool area, before it served.

Steamed Bun with Butter Cream & Egg Yolk
A peeping shot,from the chef's kitchen as you can see. they leave it in a cool area before steams it.As you know i am advertising photographer, So what i shot, consider it gives you those feeling and what is through my eye-my camera's len. I should say, WHAT I SEE, WHAT YOU FEEL IT TOO,RIGHT NOW!

Steamed Bun with Butter Cream & Egg Yolk

Steamed Bun with Butter Cream & Egg Yolk
YUMMY, when you really want to eat this, you have to eat this very fast,as all the butter cream will leak off to your fingers. It hot, and smooth when you put it into your mouth. It is a chef recommended. You should try it, but do not eat too much as it is made by a lot of butter. Take care of your health,man!
**** (4stars/5stars)

HOW TO MAKE Shanghainese Meat Dumpling (XIAO LONG BAO)
Some of lifestyle shot of how the chef makes XIAO LONG BAO. I loves photography. From here you can see all my shot are natural shot i captured inside the kitchen.

HOW TO MAKE Shanghainese Meat Dumpling (XIAO LONG BAO)
This is the shot of how chef had puzzled the whole dumpling before it put into steam. I love this shot,so i put it a frame as it looks very classic to me. What i mean is more historical record,i should assume. For the photography lesson, :) i locked the focus on the dumpling and use very low shutter speed, thus the hand you can see it click on the movement. What is the ISO,Shutter Speed and Aperture,i also forgotten, but next time i can show you if i organise a workshop:)

Shanghainese Meat Dumpling (XIAO LONG BAO)
One of my the best favourite in dim sum, which XIAO LONG BAO!!! Not only I-Dragon restaurant you could get this, but VIVA does this with an afforable price than everyone else. This is the dish that you should not missed! You hear me, not to be missed out! The soup inside, you should careful on it, otherwise no point to have xiao long bao. In one word, it is fragile, my friend! It is tasty and juicy. Please dip with those ginger strips in a black vinegar. If they do not provide for you, please ask from the staff. It brings you to heaven! And i don't mind to have a few stack of it! I am so in love with shanghainese meat dumpling. If you really want to eat a lot of this, go VIVA. This is at reasonable price rm4.80. What are you waiting for?
****/*(4stars half/5stars)

Ok, here is my ending for this review, so i don't need to talk so much as one of this piece of photo i had captured, has already speak itself for me. If you love this review, please give me a comment. If you love those photo i have taken, you can hire me as your food photographer for your restaurant:) give me a call ya! My name is Patrick Soon.